Air-Edel Journal

In depth interviews and conversations with our creative talent about their projects, work, and collaborations.

Pascal Wyse on Music and Sound Design for Podcasts

Aug 2022

Nerida Tyson-Chew on Recent Accolades, and Scoring ‘A Perfect Pairing’ and ‘The Deep’

Jul 2022

Catching Up with Daniel Elms

Apr 2022

Catching Up with Ian Oakley

Mar 2022

Keir Schmidt Talks ‘Single Drunk Female’

Jan 2022

Catching Up with Omar Fadel

Nov 2021

Patrick Jonsson on Scoring ‘Convergence: Courage in a Crisis’

Oct 2021

Sarah Angliss on Crafting the Score for ‘Amulet’ with Ancient Instruments, Electronics, and Robotics

Aug 2020

The Making of HBO BBC Series ‘I May Destroy You’ Soundtrack with Music Supervisor Ciara Elwis

Jun 2020

Composing ‘Geisha’ for the Northern Ballet with Alexandra Harwood

Mar 2020

Scoring award-winning feature film ‘H is for Happiness’ with Nerida Tyson-Chew

Feb 2020

Composing the score for Australian Romantic Thriller ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’

Oct 2019