About Air-Edel

Air-Edel is an all encompassing music company.
We provide representation for composers, music editors, music supervisors and key creative talent with our own studio facilities, music publishing and record company.

Our Story

Founded in 1970 by Herman Edel and Sir George Martin, Air-Edel has evolved from an advertising music and jingles production house to an all-encompassing agency and music services company offering composers, music supervisors and other music personnel for productions, as well as a publishing catalogue, record labels and recording studios.

Our range of services includes everything from bespoke composition, music production and editing, recording facilities, and full music supervision for all forms of media. We have extensive music history and copyright knowledge which can be utilised across productions, from initial ideas and research to licensing, from on-set music co-ordination to score production. Our experience ranges from micro-budget productions and short films to Hollywood blockbusters and our involvement can span from conception to post and everything in between.

Our recording studios have an illustrious and rich history, beginning in the late 1940s as Star Sound, which was used to record literally thousands of recordings for both the BBC and Radio Luxemborg, and then from 1971 as Audio International, recording artists such as Tom Jones, Pink Floyd, Sheena Easton, The Drifters, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Harry Nilsson. Many treasures remain from this period, including Neumann U47s, AKG C12s, vintage Coles, three fully operational EMT reverb plates as well as Neve and Urei outboard.

Since 1991, when Air-Edel took residence, the studio has recorded and mixed hundreds of Film and TV film scores including Gosford Park, Pride and Prejudice, Thor, Mr. Turner and Murder on the Orient Express, and continued to host many talented artists, including Emile Sande, Ellie Goulding, Michael Kiwanuka, Nick Cave and Mark Ronson.

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