Air-Edel is an independent music production company which was founded by Sir George Martin and Herman Edel in 1969. Managing and representing composers for film, television and commercials, the company grew from strength to strength and acquired their own studios in 1990. The company has offices in LA and central London, including studios with picture sync facilities.

Maggie Rodford

Managing Director, Music Supervisor & Composer Agent

With wicked good ears, head-honcho Maggie is capable of detecting an out-of tune 6th desk violin at 20 paces.

Over 40 years of experience allows Maggie to turn musical mountains into molehills and if you work in music to picture, you will very likely know her name.

Matt Biffa

Music Supervisor

The musical equivalent of Wikipedia, Matt’s wildly misspent youth has enabled him to form wizarding supergroups and clear the unclearable.

When not listening to obscure vintage funk, he strongly favours ‘Spartan Wednesdays’ (it’s a gym thing).

Trevor Best

Composer Agent

With years of experience, Trev joined Air-Edel as a nipper, soon graduating into producing music for commercials and video games.

His razor-sharp negotiating skills have been honed through berating errant mobile phone and delivery companies in his spare time.

Ciara Elwis

Assistant Music Supervisor

Ciara’s love of film was awoken watching Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ and though it was the dinosaurs that initially caught her interest, it was the music that stuck.

Prior to joining Air-Edel she spent the majority of her time at university forcing her musical taste on the student population through her role as brand manager for Spotify.

Becca Nelson

Composer Agent (LA Office)

When she’s not mucking about with muppets of the TV variety (though sometimes also of the Cockney variety), agent extraordinaire Becca Nelson runs our U.S. office located on the Jim Henson Studio Lot in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Off the clock, she’s mostly found at the local watering hole solving everyone’s problems, encouraging budding creative-types to follow their dreams, and foisting country music onto the unsuspecting passerby.

Alice Atkinson

Office Assistant

Born in Buckinghamshire and graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Alice is Air-Edel’s most recent recruit.

During her time studying, she involved herself with Conservatoire and London-Based PR campaigns, freelance agent work and events management, as well as founding a Saxophone Quartet, Adventus, with fellow members of her year.

Becca Tomasko

Agent Assistant (LA Office)

Becca T’s experience in music stems from early years of Orch Dork-dom as a cellist, which she uses with her love for film as a force for good, assisting Becca Nelson in Air-Edel’s Los Angeles location. 

Outside of the office, she can be found performing as a vocalist in classical and contemporary ensembles throughout Southern California, and is frequently lost in the worlds of many a sci-fi/fantasy series. 

Emily Appleton Holley

Assistant Music Supervisor

Currently undergoing the rigorous SAS-style training required to become a music supervisor, Emily started life as a freelance composer and now assists Maggie.

A keen advocate of Spotify Discover Weekly, cooking programs and all things disco, Emily can usually be found at gigs around London, both off-stage and on making noise for London-based band ‘Oh Sister’.

Henriette Amiel

Legal and Business Affairs Consultant

Having gained valuable experience working on projects associated with the infamous dandy-highway man Adam Ant, Henriette set up her own legal business affairs consultancy in 2002.

She has since been providing legal services to a range of clients in the music industry, including Air-Edel.

Susan Arnison

Music Publishing Manager

Another Air-Edel veteran, Susan has been manning the publishing desk since 1999.

Prior to Air-Edel, Susan could be found admin-ing royalties for prog-rock legends Genesis.


Laura Nakhla

Music Supervisor & Composer Agent

Our office songbird, agent and music supervisor Laura is our resident classical music boffin.

A bit of a culture vulture, when not at the office she can often be found at London’s operas and theatres.

Marjan Alexander


Capable of finding lost money in far flung corners of the Earth, Dutch numbers wizard Marjan joined the Air-Edel team in 2015.

To this day she patiently endures our valiant attempts at saying her name, the true pronunciation of which has since passed into folklore.



Tom Bullen

Air-Edel Recording Studios Manager

Well known for his efficiency and ability to juggle multiple jobs simultaneously, our friendly Northerner Tom* has been running the studio like the well-oiled machine it is since 2007.

*Officially endorsed by Pop Chips.


Nick Taylor

Recording & Mix Engineer

Nick Taylor has been working in various UK and London studios for 17 years, residing at Air-Edel since 2004. Arriving in London from Bristol in 1998, he worked part time as a composer for TV adverts and shorts and during this time he was offered work assisting at a small studio in London Bridge. He then went on to work at Wessex studios in Highbury, and then as a freelancer at the Strongroom and the Roundhouse. His client list is varied, reflecting work within film score, computer games, jazz, rock and pop.

On the film score front Nick has worked with a wide range of composers including Patrick Doyle, Gary Yershon, Dario Marianelli, Andrew Hewitt, Christian Henson and many more. He is very comfortable working within all genres of music, having been lucky enough to work with all kind of line ups, from full orchestra to jazz trios and everything in between. Favourite scores that Nick has recorded and mixed include the Oscar-nominated score for Mike Leigh’s film ‘Mr Turner’, various films with Patrick Doyle, including Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Jack Ryan’, ‘The Double’, with composer Andrew Hewitt and the Oscar nominated documentary ‘Virunga’ with Patrick Jonsson. Nick recently worked on the Ricky Gervais hit comedy feature film;’ ‘David Brent: Life On the Road’ with musician and songwriter Andy Burrows.

Barney and Ruby

Office Mascots

Despite their advancing dog years, Barney and Ruby are regularly mistaken for puppies. Air-Edel arbiters of musical taste, they have been keeping the team and the office in shape for the past five years.

On hearing ‘Ruby’ by the Kaiser Chiefs, Ruby often gets confused… Barney is still waiting for someone to write a song about him.