‘The White Helmets’ Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

By 29th September 2016 May 5th, 2020 Representation

'The White Helmets’ Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

We are thrilled to announce ‘The White Helmets’, who featured in the Netflix documentary scored by Air-Edel’s Patrick Jonsson, have been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for “outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement in rescuing civilians.” “Moving and inspiring“, “Sublime“, ‘The White Helmets‘ is produced by the team who brought us ‘Virunga: The Movie’, and directed by Academy Award®–nominated director Orlando von Einsiedel and producer Joanna Natasegara.

“The pace of the footage is dizzying, the action chaotic and yet the message clear. To tell a story in these circumstances is not only impressive but important. Everyone here is risking their lives to pass it on.” – The Guardian

“‘The White Helmets’ motto is taken from the Quran: ‘to save a life is to save all of humanity’. In a conflict where too many have chosen violence, the White Helmets wake up everyday to save the lives others are trying so hard to take. In the deadliest conflict of our era an unlikely group of heroes has emerged. Former tailors, bakers, teachers and other ordinary Syrians have banded together to save lives from the rubble of bombardment and the violence of war in Syria. Forming the Syria Civil Defence, their distinctive uniform of a white helmet now symbolises hope for millions.

When the bombs rain down, the White Helmets rush in. In a place where public services no longer function these unarmed volunteers risk their lives to help anyone in need, regardless of their religion or politics. These volunteer rescue workers have saved over 60,000 lives.”

“These men, who have seen the worst of humanity, can offer a sentiment of pure compassion and unconditional benevolence in spite of everything is a dizzying measure of scale, one that reinforces a faith in humanity” – Audiences Everywhere

“Gripping sense of realism…harrowing…the film vividly captures the brutality and senseless violence of Syria’s war” – Middle East Monitor

Einsiedel: “We went into this thinking that we could probably handle it, but we were all taken back by just how devastating it was being with these guys and really seeing what they go through every day,”

You can now watch the documentary on Netflix. Click on the link below to watch the trailer and listen to Patrick’s score.