‘The Hippopotamus’ Coming Soon to UK Cinemas

By 3rd January 2017 May 6th, 2020 Studios

‘The Hippopotamus’ coming soon to UK cinemas.

Produced by The Electric Shadow Company, directed by John Jencks and based on the original novel by Stephen Fry, ‘The Hippopotamus’ tells the story of disgraced poet Ted Wallace, played by Olivier awarding-winning actor Roger Allam, who is summoned to his friend’s country manor to investigate a series of unexplained miracles. The film also stars Russell Tovey, Tim McInnerney, Fiona Shaw, and Emmy and Golden Globe winning Matthew Modine.

Samuel Karl Bohn composed the music for the production which was orchestrated by Air-Edel’s Nathan Klein and recorded in our Studio 1 by Nick Taylor, assisted by Rommy Turtev.