James Orr

James Orr is a film composer and producer based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Selected Credits

Paper Champions (2020)
Secret Bridesmaids' Business (2019)
Green Light (2019)
2:22 (2017)

Cultivating an interest in music from an early age through a love for drums and percussion, he then went on to explore a range of styles of music, with a keen interest in electronic music production, engineering and synthesis. This led to the subsequent collaboration with a range of artists and bands as both a drummer and producer.

In 2007, James began working with Dead Can Dance and Golden Globe winning musician and composer, Lisa Gerrard. Since then he has contributed music to a range of award-winning film and documentary scores from across the globe, including ‘Solo’ (2007), ‘Playing For Charlie’ (2007), ‘Balibo’ (2009), ‘Burning Man’ (2011), ‘Jane Got A Gun’ (2015). He has also engineered and provided production and sound design on scores for film, documentaries & television, including ‘The Trail of Genghis Khan’ (2010), ‘Oranges & Sunshine’ (2010), ‘Priest’ (2011), ‘Samsara’ (2011), ‘Insight’ (2011), ‘I, Frankenstein’ (2014) and ‘The Water Diviner’ (2014).

Outside of film and television, James has worked on projects for a range of diverse artists including Daniel Johns, Zbigniew Priesner, Klaus Schulze, Dave Graney, Chicane, while also touring internationally with Dead Can Dance, including the 2012 Anastasis world tour and 2019 Dionysus tour. He also engineered and produced all of Gerrard’s album and film works of the last decade, including the ‘The Black Opal’ and ‘Twilight Kingdom’.

In 2013, under the moniker of Fixed Error, he released his debut solo album, Makeshift Remedies, music of which went on to be featured in the video game, Rugby League Live 2. He has also worked closely with Scottish ex-Goya Dress founder, Astrid Williamson, to co-write, produce and engineer her album, We Go To Dream.

Most recently, James has been scoring in collaboration with Gerrard for Channel 7 romantic thriller series ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’. Prior to this they scored feature film ‘2:22’, for which he received a nomination for ‘Feature Film Score of The Year’ from APRA. Other recent works include the award-winning Australian independent film, ‘West Of Sunshine’ (2017), ‘Undertow’ (2018), ‘Life On Earth: Severance’ (2019), and the documentary, ‘Green Light’ (2019).


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