Secret Bridesmaid’s Business

Lisa Gerrard and James Orr composed the original score for Australian romantic-thriller ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’, directed by Tori Garrett and Jennifer Perrott.

“Amid the vines of a picturesque family winery, a playful and dreamy wedding proposal from devoted Alex wins over his down-to-earth bride, Olivia. Would- be bridesmaids Saskia and Melanie, who couldn’t be more different, are at Olivia’s side. It should be the happiest of days. But each of these best friends hides a life-changing secret, several of which are about to explode.

The proposal is a wake-up call for married-with-kids Melanie and she ends her affair with a charismatic stranger, Jakob. When he continues to pursue her, fearful Melanie lashes out, and her fighting back triggers an escalation in Jakob’s behaviour. As his monstrous true nature is slowly revealed, Jakob begins to target those closest to Melanie: her husband Michael, her kids, and Olivia. Meanwhile, Olivia buries the real reason for her reticence to marry Alex in wedding preparations – until she discovers that Alex has been unfaithful. Olivia calls off the engagement, and throws herself into helping protect Melanie from Jakob, defiantly putting herself in the firing line.
Saskia harbours a secret that threatens to derail her legal career. When fellow lawyer Alex begins to investigate, Saskia goes to extraordinary lengths to keep the truth from being revealed. The men of the series have secrets too. Alex, the groom, is concealing the truth of his past, while knockabout Michael, Melanie’s husband, harbours a simmering resentment.
As the series reaches its climax, the men reveal they are capable of more than we thought.

Whose blood is on the wedding dress we saw in the series opener? Who will make it out alive, and who will pay the ultimate price?”

Starring Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath, and Georgina Haig, the series airs in Australia on Channel 7. The score was mixed by Nick Taylor and Tom Bullen in our Studio 1.

The original soundtrack for the series was released with Air-Edel Records.

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