Raleigh Ritchie Releases New Album ‘Andy’

By 26th June 2020 Studios

Raleigh Ritchie Releases New Album 'Andy'

“The track [Time in a Tree] turns the world black and white as nostalgia-inducing strings evoke the tone of a classic Hollywood film.” – NME

Raleigh Ritchie has released his new album, ‘Andy’, with Alacran Records.

Nick Taylor recorded the strings in Studio 1, arranged by Rosie Danvers and performed by Wired Strings. Strings produced by Tommy Danvers.

“‘Andy’ is a refreshing album to listen to when you want to reset your life and your focus’. Raleigh Ritchie takes the bitter things in life and makes sound sweet, and that may be all we need right now.” – NME

“‘Andy’ sees Raleigh Ritchie being completely open with his listeners. It seems as though making the album was a healing process for him and it’s a rarity to see someone leave themselves so vulnerable.” – Clash