Drunk History: Black Stories

Roshan Gunga composed the original score for ‘Drunk History: Black Stories’ for Comedy Central UK.


“Drunk History: Black Stories is a comedic history series. Highlighting some of the heroes of Black history, an inebriated narrator struggles to tell historical events in a giddy and tipsy disposition helped by the re-enactments of lip syncing actors.” 

Cast includes Scorcher, Zeze Millz, Leticia Hector, Lola Jagun, Femi Oyeniran, Sheila Atim, CJ Beckford, Natey Jones, Tom Moutchi as re-enactors in tales narrated by BAFTA winner Amma Asante, Jamali Maddix, Kevin ‘KG’ Garry, Travis Jay, Desiree Burch, Tom Moutchi, Ty Logan and Thanyia Moore.

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