Paul Grabowsky and Paul Kelly Win Best Jazz Album at the ARIA Awards

By 26th November 2020 Representation

Paul Grabowsky and Paul Kelly Win Best Jazz Album at the ARIA Awards

Congratulations to Air-Edel composer Paul Grabowsky and Paul Kelly who won Best Jazz Album at the ARIA Awards for ‘Please Leave Your Light On’.

‘Please Leave Your Light On’ features Kelly performing a selection of work from his extensive catalogue with new interpretations by Grabowsky on the piano.

Grabowsky said Kelly was “driven by a similar impulse to my own”, referring to their “ongoing fascination with music in its many forms”.

“All of the songs were already part of Paul [Kelly]’s extensive catalogue,” Grabowsky said in a statement.

“I transcribed them, and adapted them for the piano/voice combination. In addition, I threw in a ballad by Cole Porter called ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’, which Paul delivers in an understated, sensitive way. The album has a classic ‘fireside’ feel…and shine a light on lyrical moments from the Kelly oeuvre.”

Paul also produced the winning Best Adult Contemporary Album ‘Tell Me Why’ by Archie Roach.

Archie also received the Best Male Artist award.

On producing ‘Tell Me Why’, Paul Grabowsky says, “I’ve known Archie since the mid-90s. He is an inspiring man: deep, thoughtful, taciturn. His songs ring with clarity, his voice richly textured; it is extraordinary to witness the magic he casts over an audience. Everything he says is deeply considered. This album is my response to the enormity of his story and its resonances, and to the quiet pride and generosity of this remarkable man.”