Netflix Releases ‘ULTRAMAN’ Season 2

By 14th April 2022 Representation

Netflix Releases 'ULTRAMAN' Season 2

Netflix has released Season 2 of ‘ULTRAMAN’ worldwide today, 14th April. Air-Edel’s Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi composed the original music for the series, created by Eiichi Shimizu, and produced by Production I.G.

“Set several years after the first Ultraman series, Shin Hayata, now a defense minister, has no memories of how he became Ultraman and saved the world from the Kaijus. Matsushiro Ide, his former personnel in the Science Patrol, tries to help him recover his memories in order to assist the Science Patrol to eliminate new threats from the aliens. When the alien Bemular finds out that Hayata’s son, Shinjirou, starts showing superhuman strength, the Science Patrol risks everything to give Shinjirou the top-secret Ultrasuit to fight Bemular and save the world once again.”