Dot Allison Releases Limited Edition 7″

By 8th April 2022 Representation

Dot Allison Releases Limited Edition 7"

Following the release of ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’, Dot Allison’s first album in 12 years, SA Recordings presents an additional limited edition 7’’. The record features two tracks, the haunting ‘Ghost Orchid’ and ‘Love Died in our Arms’, a nod to Dot’s Trip-hop past, as well as a download code to an unreleased track named ‘Heart-Shaped Scar.’⁠

The artwork is by artist, Michelle Henning, and features a cyanotype of an Orchid. The gradual photographic process of cyanotypes has historically been used by botanists to document plants, providing the perfect visual for themes weaved throughout Dot Allison’s latest album.⁠

Signed editions are available on Bandcamp only, and unsigned versions from all good indie record stores.