‘Kindling’ Soundtrack by Harry Brokensha & Nick Wilson Released

By 19th May 2023 Representation

'Kindling' Soundtrack by Harry Brokensha & Nick Wilson Released

The original soundtrack for Connor O’Hara’s feature film ‘Kindling’ by Air-Edel composer Harry Brokensha is out now. The album features six original songs by Harry, with vocals by Nick Wilson.

‘Kindling’ was released in cinemas and on digital on 21st April. Inspired by true events, ‘Kindling’ was initially conceived after Connor suddenly lost two friends within two days of each other. United in grief and seeing how his friends responded to this loss, he set off to make a film that encapsulated that experience of grief and represented young men on screen in a new light.

“In creating the musical identity of Kindling, it was really important for us to feel like the songs that Sid and his friends connect with — the songs Nick Wilson and I wrote for the story’s fictional band ‘Pyre’ — really felt consistent with, and part of, the rest of the score.

I wanted to bring that rock sound, with all its distorted guitars and thumping drums, into a tender and empathetic context — to highlight the boys’ deep friendship, their vulnerabilities and love for one another, as well as Sid’s journey towards finding closure with his condition.” – Harry Brokensha