Dot Allison Announces New Album ‘Consciousology’

By 22nd May 2023 Representation

Dot Allison Announces New Album 'Consciousology'

Air-Edel artist Dot Allison has announced the release of her forthcoming album ‘Consciousology’, with Sonic Cathedral, on 28th July.

Thank you to Lauren Laverne and BBC Radio 6 Music for announcing the release on their show this morning, with the premiere of the first single ‘Unchanged’.

“I’m beyond thrilled to announce the release of my 7th new studio solo album ‘Consciousology’! I can only describe it as a wayward, slightly bonkers partner record to Heart-Shaped Scars where I delve into themes of interest as a former biochemist and matters of the heart and how these may interact… and -tail together”

Pre-order ‘Consciousology’: https://linktr.ee/dotallison