Besant Hall Records Release ‘Aura’ by Michael Csányi-Wills

By 9th February 2018 May 15th, 2020 Records
Aura Besant Hall Records Air-Edel

Besant Hall Records Release ‘Aura’ by Michael Csányi-Wills

Besant Hall Records, a sub-label of Air-Edel Records, are proud to announce the release of ‘Aura’, a unique fusion of Jazz, World and Electronic soundscapes featuring the world-renowned saxophonist Patrick Clahar, Alok Verma on tabla, Nunziatina Del Vecchio on Cello and Michael Csányi -Wills on piano.

‘Aura’ was inspired by the work of Italian sculptor Lella Russo and will be available to download and stream across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, from Friday 9th February.

London-based composer Michael Csányi-Wills drew inspiration for the concept album from the work of Italian sculptor Lella Russo whose exhibition ‘Aura’ drew international recognition for her extraordinary sculptures that mould coconut fibre, driftwood and brass into living anatomy, transcending the physical and using nature’s elements to express the soul.

Michael began working with renowned jazz saxophonist, and Lella’s husband, Patrick Clahar in 2017 on several ideas that combined their musical experience of the sculptures and these ideas were infused with Eastern elements and rhythms when the pair were joined by their good friend and extraordinary Tabla soloist Alok Verma.

’Nightwalker’, a more nostalgic piece inspired by Lars Danielsson’s ‘Suffering’ features cellist Nunziatina Del Vecchio.

“Lella Russo is a transformative artist whose work always takes an investigative pathway toward a universal truth. She is an alchemist who can reanimate what seem unusual materials into a new paradigm that leaves you appreciating the wonder of possibility.” – Julian Joseph, British Jazz Pianist, Composer and Broadcaster

“Lella’s sculptures are born of a passionate and courageous conversation between her hands and the essential qualities of the natural materials which inspire her work.” – Susan Holliday