Air-Edel Records Release: ‘A Hard Problem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’

By 8th March 2024 Records

Air-Edel Records Release: 'A Hard Problem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)'

Air-Edel Records are pleased to bring you the soundtrack to ‘A Hard Problem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ from composer Omar Fadel. This soundtrack is deeply rooted in electronic music and includes a wonderfully unique rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’.

“A Hard Problem was my first pandemic score. Because of the abundance of time that we all had and the limited access to musicians, I toiled away endlessly, honing the sound to create a synth heavy aesthetic. For the Radiohead cover of Paranoid Android, I spent months working on that single piece of music, orchestrating an arrangement that would honor the ‘Radiohead’ recording of the song and yet still work for the film. I couldn’t be happier with how the entire score turned out. Thank you to Air-Edel for releasing it!” – Omar Fadel.

‘A Hard Problem’, from the LA-based filmmaking duo Hazart, follows the story of a young man who, while packing up his childhood home after the death of his mother, Ian struggles to reconnect with his estranged sister. Along with the help of a stranger, Ian processes his past and comes to terms with his future.