Air-Edel Agent Becca Tomasko Wins GRAMMY® Award

By 9th February 2024 Representation

Air-Edel Agent Becca Tomasko Wins GRAMMY® Award

Air-Edel agent Becca Tomasko is a GRAMMY® Award winner!

Becca is a member of vocal group Tonality who perform on the album “So She Howls” by Carla Patullo feat. Tonality & The Scorchio Quartet. It won Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album in the 2024 GRAMMY® Awards.

It was composed by Carla Patullo and features the vocal ensemble Tonality led by Alexander Lloyd Blake, the Scorchio Quartet comprised of electric violist Martha Mooke, Lorenza Ponce, Leah Collof, and Frederika Krier, and Lili Haydn.

“So She Howls” is a raw musical journey about grief, healing, and recovery following a life-changing confrontation with death. The album is a combination of howling vocals, orchestral swells, and electronic pulses, as well as field-recorded sounds from the natural and machine worlds. Each track transports the listener into an immersive new mind-state. And altogether, as the tracks evolve from haunting soundscapes into uplifting anthems of recovery and resilience, “So She Howls” follows Patullo’s resolute path in seeking healing, and ultimately, adventure.

Congratulations, Becca!