‘Welcome to Wildemount’ Album Released

By 29th November 2022 January 25th, 2023 Representation

‘Welcome to Wildemount’ Album Released

‘Welcome to Wildemount’, the new Critical Role album, featuring music by Air-Edel composer Omar Fadel, is out now across all major digital platforms.

“Welcome to Wildemount album is an emotional joyride that will take your story to the next level. Welcome to Wildemount features powerful compositions by Colm McGuinness, Omar Fadel, and the team at Hexany Audio.”

“Crafting the musical landscape of Critical Role was an incredibly fulfilling process because the team specifically wanted a sound that was off the beaten path. This afforded me the opportunity to take some musical risks by combining instruments and styles that don’t typically co-mingle.

 A great example of this is “Rise of Uk’otoa” an epic orchestra, combined with tribal percussion, strummed dulcimers, and sea shanty type vocals. On paper it shouldn’t work, but it does! And going through the process of figuring out how to stick the square peg in the round hole was so rewarding. I can’t wait for all of the Critters to hear this new album!“ – Omar Fadel