‘The Pact’ Scored by Grant Olding on BBC Two

By 27th September 2017 May 13th, 2020 Representation

‘The Pact’ Scored by Grant Olding on BBC Two

Don’t miss ‘The Pact‘ starring Brett Goldstein and Sarah Solemani tonight at 10pm on BBC Two, with original music composed by Air-Edel’s Grant Olding.

“1997: two teenaged friends make a pact – if they are both still single aged 35, they will get together. Amy doesn’t think it will ever happen. Andy, who is secretly in love with Amy, hopes that it will.

2017: twenty years later, Amy and Andy have drifted apart. Andy has gained a career, an ex-wife, a four-year-old son and a girlfriend. Amy, meanwhile, despite the ever-increasing weight of social expectation, has managed to avoid growing up entirely. And she loves it. She lives in a flatshare, works behind a bar and isn’t above enjoying the odd alcohol-fuelled one-night-stand, if the mood takes her.

When Andy and Amy bump into each other again, it is earth shattering. Face to face with their past, they are forced to reconsider their futures. Is it time for Amy to take responsibility for her life? Should Andy throw caution to the wind and pursue his childhood crush? Whatever happens, they are going to end up together, right? Needless to say, it is a bit more complicated than that.”