Sister Cities (Original Motion Picture Score)

Air-Edel Records released ‘Sister Cities’ across all major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Four estranged sisters reunite after their mother’s alleged suicide. Mary Baxter (Weaver and Smart, at different ages) led an enviable life, traveling the world as a young dancer.She was blessed with four daughters from four different fathers, each as unique as the cities they are named after: Carolina (Katic), Austin (Weixler), Dallas (Trachtenberg) and Baltimore (Bellisario).

After Mary’s death, her daughters reunite in their New England family home to mourn.As the local police investigate the circumstances of Mary’s death, old animosities among the sisters resurface, and a dark secret threatens to tear the family apart. Faced with a horrifying truth, the estranged sisters must choose to either turn their back on the only family they have known, or risk everything to protect one another.

This is a film with a lot of great performances and dialogue so subtlety and stealth were my tools. Only at the end when we reveal the love letters from their mother (Jacki Weaver), written lovingly to each of her daughters, do we get a bit larger and more emotional with the score. This climactic scene is the only time the live strings are on their own. Up until this time the score has been sparsely electronic with bits of guitar, piano and subtle abstract ambience.”

– James T. Sale

‘Sister Cities’ is part of a trilogy of films from award-winning director Sean Hanish that James T. Sale has scored. ‘Saint Judy‘ and ‘Return to Zero‘ are also available on Air-Edel Records.