‘Ikiryo’, the new concept album from established film and television composer Andrew Simon McAllister, is out now on Besant Hall Records.

‘Ikiryo’ is a reworking of pieces from many years ago originally performed on guitar and violin. I have enjoyed developing, re-orchestrating and adding additional instrumentation to create the final versions on the album. The interaction of violin lines is a prominent aspect and compositional tool throughout the music that were particularly pleasing to create.

– Andrew Simon McAllister

Influenced by artists such as the iconic scoring duo Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and composing legend Ennio Morricone, Andrew weaves gypsy-edged, soulful and stylish melodies performed on closely mic’d violin and guitar through the soft ostinato of the piano, bass, and percussion, creating a mellow and wistful journey for the listener. The album title is drawn from the Japanese popular belief of a spirit that leaves the body of a living person to visit other people or places, sometimes across great distances.

The album is available to download and stream across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.