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Tuff Money

Zero VU composed the original score for 6-part comedy-drama HBO Europe series ‘Tuff Money’, produced by Mobra Films.


Written and directed by Daniel Sandu, ‘Tuff Money’ is a witty take on guilt, innocence, and the moving goalposts of morality in small-town communities where getting away with “it,” and not getting one-upped by your neighbor, are the only ways you win at life.

“Doru and Ionel, two stoplight techs, have a laugh about manipulating traffic to rob a bank’s armored van and end up having to do go through with it. All the institutions they turn to for help show themselves eager to make the heist happen and take a cut. Follow our two heroes struggle to reconcile moral fiber with self-preservation.” 

The series will premiere in Romania on 22nd November.

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