This is Christmas

Christian Henson composed the original music for the Sky Cinema film ‘This is Christmas’, directed by Chris Foggin.

Record & Mix Engineer: Nick Taylor at Air-Edel Studios
Orchestrators: Gareth Murphy & Harry Brokensha
Conductor: Harry Brokensha
Score coordinated by Air-Edel

“An uplifting and heartwarming story about finding the magic of Christmas, no matter where you might be, This Is Christmas follows Adam (Alfred Enoch) and Emma (Kaya Scodelario) as they make their daily commute from the picture-perfect village of Langton to London for work. Every day they share their journey with the same characters, but they all keep themselves to themselves. But then one day, in the build-up to Christmas, Adam breaks the unwritten rule of travel and starts talking to the strangers on the train, inviting the whole carriage to hold their own Christmas party.”

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