New ITV Drama ‘Dark Angel’ Airs this Halloween

By 28th October 2016 May 6th, 2020 Representation

Air-Edel composer Michael J McEvoy has composed a ‘chilling’ score for new drama ‘Dark Angel‘, which airs at 9pm this Monday 31st October on ITV.

Following the gruesome tale of Victorian serial killer Mary Ann Cotton, ‘Dark Angel’ makes perfect Halloween viewing, with The Independent​ writing:

“I feel comfortable in telling you that I don’t think Dark Angel has any predecessor or peer in television costume drama in one important dimension: the variety, intensity and frequency of what may be termed, with I hope appropriately colloquial antiqueness, “knee-tremblers”.”

The show, which is Radio Times​’ pick of the day this Monday, stars Downton Abbey​’s Joanne Froggatt​ in the title role.