‘Moley’ Scored by Grant Olding Released on Boomerang

By 4th October 2021 Representation

'Moley' Scored by Grant Olding Released on Boomerang

Grant Olding composed the original score for the animated series ‘Moley’, which is released today, 4th October, on Boomerang.

Moley is played by Warwick Davis, cast alongside Jessica Henwick, Stanley Tucci, Gemma Arterton, Trevor Dion Nicholas, Togo Igawa, Charles Dance, Julie Walters, and Hilary Whitehall.

“Moley is a charming, optimistic young mole who lives deep in a burrow under Windsor Castle, in the hustling, bustling city of MoleTown. He is The Keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic (or Manny as he likes to call him). The series follows the life of MoleTown’s most famous mole. He is forever

in demand. Each day he’s invited to participate in events, make appearances, learn about new mole cultures and customs from moles of diverse backgrounds, and share his knowledge of the human world above.

Although Moley is viewed by the citizens of MoleTown as a knowledgeable “mole of the world”, he’s still the same old regular Moley and isn’t as self-assured as he appears to be to the adoring public. Sure, he’s got a magic book, and yes, he’s been to a few amazing places … but he’s really no smarter than the average mole.  Therefore, with every new experience, Moley finds himself in a pickle. Whether he’s joining

in an underground tunnel race (but has never driven a racing car before), or entering a cooking competition against MoleTown’s most famous chef (he’s never really cooked before), or sharing the cultures of diverse moles (none of which he is familiar with), Moley always manages to wind up in a bind.

Luckily, he’s got his best friends to help him un- muck even the muckiest of mucky circumstances. Mona Lisa’s brains and class help him navigate the public eye, while his plucky best friend Dotty does a great job helping Moley in all his adventures. He’s also got the ancient wisdom of Mystic Mole in his corner as well as the inventive sort-of-know-how of Mishmosh to help overcome molehills that are especially mountainous.”