Jody Jenkins Composes for Quaker Oats Advert Featuring Buzz Aldrin

By 16th November 2016 May 6th, 2020 Representation

Air-Edel’s Jody Jenkins composed the music for the latest Quaker Oats advert featuring world-renowned Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Quaker Oats turned an insight from old NASA archive material from the Apollo 11 mission into a new spot highlighting the benefits of eating porridge. In the film, astronaut Buzz Aldrin recalls his 1969 trip on the Apollo 11, as it’s revealed that he ate oats for breakfast on the same day as his moonwalk.

Agency AMV BBDO tracked down some NASA archive material in which Buzz Aldrin and fellow astronaut Mike Collins banter about how much “oatmeal” he ate on Apollo 11. The ad, directed by Tom Merillion at HLA, features Aldrin, now 86, watching original footage of the mission, recalling the beauty of seeing the Earth from space, and inspiring the “next generation of explorers”. According to the agency, Aldrin himself had never heard the original clip before.