‘Guard Her with Your Life’ Released on Audible

By 17th April 2023 Representation

'Guard Her with Your Life' Released on Audible

Audible has released ‘Guard Her with Your Life’, with original music by Nathan Klein. The book was written by Joy Ellis and is narrated by Tom Bateman.


A gripping new standalone thriller from the bestselling author of the Jackman and Evans series.

Detective Sam Helsdown hasn’t seen his daughter Zoe in two years and he’s excited and more than a little nervous to be at the airport picking her up for a visit. She’s 10 years old and has flown on her own for the first time.

Flight BA631 from Athens has already landed and soon a trickle of people begins entering Arrivals. Among them is a little girl who runs towards him, head down, and throws herself into his arms saying ‘Daddy!’.

But then he looks at her properly. This is not Zoe. This is not his daughter.

Shortly afterwards Sam receives a phone call from his ex, Julia. ‘Help will come. Until then, guard her with your life.’

Soon unknown enemies are closing in and Sam must risk everything to keep this girl safe – whilst trying to discover her true identity.