Great Reviews for ‘Hamlet’ RADA & KBTC Co-Production Scored by Rupert Cross

By 13th September 2017 May 13th, 2020 Representation

Great reviews for ‘Hamlet’ RADA & KBTC co-production scored by Rupert Cross

‘Hamlet’ starring Golden Globe-winning actor Tom Hiddleston has received great reviews. Air-Edel’s Rupert Cross composed the original score for the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company and RADA co-production.

“He makes the role completely his own, emotional magnetic, canny, often frolicsome,” ★★★★ The Times

“His Hamlet is proactive, masculine, edgy to the point of aggression – and definitely, absolutely sane,” ★★★★ The Telegraph

“If I had to pick out Hiddleston’s key quality, it would be his ability to combine a sweet sadness with an incandescent fury. He suggests a fierce intellect gnawed by intense melancholy and yet subject to bouts of intemperate rage.” ★★★★ The Guardian

The show is running until 23rd September.