‘Frankelda’s Book of Spooks’ OST by Kevin Smithers Released

By 17th October 2023 Records

‘Frankelda’s Book of Spooks’ OST by Kevin Smithers Released

The original soundtrack from the first series of ‘Frankelda’s Book of Spooks’ by Kevin Smithers is out now on Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.

“It’s rare nowadays to see a composer do both the songs and the score for a project. It’s a big commitment and responsibility, but it makes me feel like I’m following in the footsteps of some of my musical heroes. It’s been an absolute pleasure to give a musical voice to the world of Frankelda and her spooks.”

Produced by Cinema Fantasma and released by HBO Max, the series takes us to Frankelda’s darkest secrets, alongside her book, her faithful companion, with intense and entertaining stories where not everything is as it seems.