Drum & Lace Releases ‘Immerse’ Recorded Live in Air-Edel Studio 1

By 2nd April 2020 April 24th, 2020 Representation, Studios

Drum & Lace Releases 'Immerse' Recorded Live in Air-Edel Studio 1

Air-Edel artist and composer Drum & Lace has released 'Immerse', a live recording of her performance in Air-Edel Studio 1 from summer 2019.

“The track, which has never been formally released, is one of the slew of ambient improvisations that make up my more ‘atmospheric’ live sets that are all inspired by nature.

During these types of live sets, I create the pieces based off a pre-established template that includes field recordings, sampled electronics and a few melodic ideas, but the way it is performed is never the same twice. In the past, the running performance time of ‘Immerse’ has ranged anywhere from 20 minutes piece to 4 minute. Having flexibility when performing something with an improvisational aspect such as this allows for me to build these pieces based upon how I’m feeling in the moment and how I see the room is reacting to it.

The field recordings used in ‘Immerse’ were captured in Bandol (South of France) and in Los Angeles (CA), and are used both literally and in a manipulated state to create pads and textures. The cello was recorded at my studio in Los Angeles, and is being looped and triggered live on a sampler.

Releasing this for anyone who feels the need to take a few minutes off to melt away from the world right now. I hope you’ll listen and it’ll help you think, meditate, cry and feel anything but anxiety and fear.” – Drum & Lace

Listen on Bandcamp.