Dot Allison Releases New Album ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’

By 30th July 2021 Representation

Dot Allison Releases New Album 'Heart-Shaped Scars'

Air-Edel artist Dot Allison released her new album ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’ with SA Recordings today, 30th July.

Framed by a backdrop of exquisitely sparse and intoxicating dream-folk, ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’ is Allison’s more personal record to date. It gathers many threads of Allison’s interests – music, literature, science and nature. “I wanted it to be comforting like a familiar in-utero heartbeat, a pure kind of album that musically imbues a return to nature,” she explains.

The album is produced by Allison alongside Fiona Cruickshank, with Hannah Peel adding string arrangements to four songs, courtesy of a quintet of Scottish folk musicians. Recorded at Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh – Dot’s home town – the sessions include new collaborations with singer songwriters Amy Bowman on “The Haunted” and Zoë Bestel on “Can You Hear Nature Sing?”.

The album is published by Air-Edel. Masters c/o SA Recordings.