‘Das Heuvolk’ Scored by Martin Stig Andersen at National Theaters Mannheim

By 21st June 2017 May 13th, 2020 Representation

‘Das Heuvolk’ Installation Scored by Martin Stig Andersen at National theaters Mannheim

Air-Edel’s Martin Stig Andersen composed for the ‘Das Heuvolk‘ installation which premiered at the Nationaltheaters Mannheim on Friday 19th June.

The installation was designed by one of the most innovative theatre performance groups in Europe, SIGNA, a Danish-Austrian duo comprised of artists Signa and Arthur Köstler. They stage mainly in empty buildings or brownfields, which they furnish in the smallest detail, and have redefined the concept of “site-specific theatre” through their radical and consistent style of play. SIGNA are pioneers of the Immersive Theatre because they are not only a place, they create a self-contained world with a multitude of national and international actors, which the viewer can interact with.

“Since the departure of the last army members in 2012, the buildings at Franklin have been empty. Or so it was believed. Because during construction work for a new city district, workers stumbled upon a small group of faith that appeared to have inhabited one of the houses for years.”

The production lasts 6 hours and was commissioned by Nationaltheaters Mannheim for the 19th International Skillertage 2017. The first run lasts until 24th June and then returns for the 1st – 16th July.