Daniel Elms Releases Excerpt from ‘Consolations in Travel’

By 27th February 2024 Representation

Daniel Elms Releases Excerpt from 'Consolations in Travel'

Daniel Elms has released an excerpt from ‘Consolations in Travel’, taken from his forthcoming second album ‘‘Collected Works 2018-22’, due for release on the 12th April on Bedroom Community.

“In anticipation of my second album’s arrival I’m releasing an extract of my most intimate work to date: “Consolations in Travel”, commissioned by BBC Concert Orchestra. Nostalgia-fuelled degradation of memory; solace found in travel; identity through the archiving of music.

‘Consolations in Travel cements Elms’ standing as a distinctive and original voice in contemporary music, and extends his vision of a 21st-century orchestral music coloured, mediated, and expanded by technology. It is also, he says, “the first composition that has resulted from the work I’ve done in coming to terms with depression”.

The ‘Travel’ of the title refers ostensibly to the car journeys that Elms took with his mother throughout his childhood and adolescence, which he describes as “a good means of escaping certain difficulties” at home. These trips would be accompanied by compilations of music that he had recorded onto cassettes, with selections ranging from mid-90s goth and grunge to Fauré’s Requiem and other orchestral works: “I was really into alternative music”, he remembers, “but I was just beginning to take in ‘classical’ music as well, and open up to the kind of mental journeys that music on that scale can take you on.” – Daniel

Listen: https://bfan.link/consolations-in-travel-excerpt