Daniel Elms – Collected Works 2018-22 Album Released

By 12th April 2024 Representation

Daniel Elms - Collected Works 2018-22 Album Released

Air-Edel Composer Daniel Elms has released his album ‘Collected Works 2018-22’, available on Vinyl and Digital today, 12th April.

This is Daniel’s debut for composer Valgeir Sigurdsson’s Bedroom Community label, co-founded in 2006 with Nico Muhly and Ben Frost, with releases from such acclaimed artists as James McVinnie, Daniel Pioro, Nadia Sirota, Manchester Collective, and many more.

“Out today, ‘Collected Works 18-22’.

Such a profound period of self discovery and change captured in a record. To have this enter the world is like waking from a dream in which you believed you were already awake.

My eternal thanks to everyone involved.”

Listen & Purchase: https://bfan.link/collected-works-201822