Composer Shruti Kumar Represented by Air-Edel

By 24th May 2023 Representation

Composer Shruti Kumar Represented by Air-Edel

Air-Edel is excited to announce we now represent composer, conductor, producer, and arranger Shruti Kumar.

Shruti Kumar (she/her) is a composer, producer, arranger, and conductor working in NY, LA, and London. In the film and television sphere, she has a wide range of experience from scores to songs.

She is currently completing the score to the Alicia Keys documentary ‘Uncharted’ (dir. Beth Aala) which will premiere at Tribeca 2023.

Shruti spent time working at Remote Control Productions for Henry Jackman, Hans Zimmer, and Stephen Hilton.

In songwriting and production, she has collaborated with artists including Alicia Keys, Vampire Weekend, Garbage, Nas, No Doubt, and Fiona Apple. She prides herself on her ability to fuse genres from orchestral to experimental electronic to pop and hip-hop.