Composer, Conductor, & Orchestrator Peter Michael Davison Represented by Air-Edel

By 26th October 2023 Representation

Composer, Conductor, & Orchestrator Peter Michael Davison Represented by Air-Edel

Air-Edel is excited to share that we now represent composer, conductor, and orchestrator Peter Michael Davison.

Peter versatile and multitalented composer, orchestrator and conductor with a diverse portfolio of award-winning international projects. Peter is part of John Powell’s composition and orchestration team, and orchestrator for Danny Elfman’s concert work.

Peter is currently working on an exciting new console and PC release with UK based audio team Rev Rooms. He orchestrated and conducted the acclaimed PS4 epic, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ (2017). The music received multiple awards including an Ivor Novello and a BAFTA nomination. Peter returned as conductor and orchestrator for the sequel, ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, and the eagerly awaited downloadable content, ‘Burning Shores’. In 2022, he composed the original score for ‘Warped Kart Racers’ (Family Guy IP), a new flagship release animated game for Apple Arcade, in collaboration with the games company Rev Rooms/Electric Square and Audio Lead, (ex-Pinewood) Gavin Shepherd.

Peter has just completed work on the Illumination/Universal feature animation ‘Migration’ as an additional composer and orchestrator for John Powell. Animation is very much in Peter’s blood – he has composed for feature animations such as the multi-award-winning kids’ film ‘Strike!’ (Amazon/Apple) and the stop-motion animation Instagram sensation – Andrea Love’s debut film ‘Tulip’. He composed the original orchestral score for a series of shorts for SKYKIDS entitled ‘Christmas Crackers’.

In addition to Peter’s animation film work, he composed for multiple features and short films including the Aboriginal feature film ‘Emu Runner’, which was nominated for Best Independent Film at the Australian Academy Awards in 2019. Another notable work is ‘Suspect’, which won at the 2022 Global Shorts in Los Angeles. He has recently completed the retro 1970s-style score for the American horror feature ‘Wineville’. Alongside Peter’s score for the ‘Warped Kart Racers’, Peter’s affinity for Jazz can also be seen in the 1950s ‘Charlie Parkeresque’ score for ‘How to Succeed in Biscuits (Without Really Trying)’, directed by Tania Emery (The Bill).

For television, Peter scored the ITV documentary ‘WACO untold: The British Stories’ and is currently composing for a widely anticipated BBC Two documentary about The Stormtrooper from Star Wars, both directed by BAFTA-winning director Stuart Bernard.