‘Braid’ Anniversary Edition Released on Laced Records

By 23rd May 2024 Representation

'Braid' Anniversary Edition Released on Laced Records

Thekla and Laced Records have released the ‘Braid’ Anniversary Edition album, with seven brand new electro-ambient remixes created by Martin Stig Andersen.

The album is a remaster and expansion of the iconic puzzle-platformer, first released in 2008.

“The remasters are the result of thoughtful and often painstaking work to bring the recordings up to date for a contemporary game release, taking into account the way certain instruments reflect the visual aesthetics of Braid’s world and the player’s gameplay state. The Braid, Anniversary Edition remixes by Andersen were created through an artful process of de-composition and redesign, in order to better match the darker tone of Braid’s later stages.” 

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