Audible Releases ‘The Crimes of Dorian Gray’

By 18th April 2024 Records

Audible Releases 'The Crimes of Dorian Gray'

Audible has released the new podcast series ‘The Crimes of Dorian Gray’, with music and sound design by Pascal Wyse.

This gripping fictional true crime podcast delves into the story of the enigmatic Dorian Gray, a vigilante who changed the world, rewriting history in the blood of her victims. Her targets were the titans of their era—billionaires, movie stars, politicians. Dorian said they had one thing in common: they had all committed crimes against women. They were rapists, abusers, master manipulators. Dorian left evidence of their heinous offenses with their bodies, and then she vanished without a trace.

To some, Dorian was a feminist icon, a #MeToo crusader who single-handedly rebalanced the scales of sexual power. To others, she was the worst terrorist of the 21st century. But who was the real Dorian Gray? A demon or an avenging angel? Was she even human? How did one woman manage to take down the most powerful men of her generation and win?

These and other burning questions echoed through the internet since Dorian’s disappearance, until now. Speranza, a relentless young journalist, is determined to unravel the pure and simple truth on her podcast, The Crimes of Dorian Gray. Unfortunately for Speranza, the truth is seldom pure and never simple.

Written and directed by Arvind Ethan David and produced by Prodigal, The Crimes of Dorian Gray is a radical reinvention of Oscar Wilde’s gothic masterpiece, exploring the question he asked 150 years ago: what does it mean for the powerful elite to live without consequences? What does it say about the society that allows them? The extraordinary cast includes Lexi Underwood, Lara Pulver, Richard Schiff, and Neil Brown Jr., and an original song by ASCAP winning composer Erran Baron Cohen, performed by Olivier Award winner Lara Pulver.”