Air-Edel Records Release: ‘The Real Jungle Book (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’

By 19th December 2023 Records

Air-Edel Records Release: 'The Real Jungle Book (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)'

In partnership with award-winning composer Thomas Wander, Air-Edel Records will release the epic soundtrack to the new documentary ‘The Real Jungle Book’. The soundtrack will be available across all major streaming platforms from 19th December 2023.

“I was very pleased that I was able to make my musical contribution to this special documentary.
Although the pictures are very impressive, it is the very personal narrative that appealed to me. I tried to capture and reflect in the music that special “tone” that Jeremy (the director) created with his narration and especially through his choice of words and text design.
When working on the music for this film, I watched the sequences countless times and by doing that I discovered  tiny details in the characters of the different animals. That’s why it was important to me to not only interpret the different places and moods musically, but also to show the different character traits and peculiarities of the animals with the music.“ – Thomas Wander