Besant Hall Records Release ‘Music For Three Plays’ by Rupert Cross

By 3rd October 2017 May 13th, 2020 Records

Besant Hall Records Release 'Music For Three Plays' by Rupert Cross

Besant Hall Records are proud to release ‘Music for Three Plays’, an industrial influenced, techno-tinged, ambient and experimental electronic collection from the composer and producer Rupert Cross, known both for his regular collaboration with Ivan Smagghe and for being one half of Soft Error.

The album will be available worldwide for digital download and streaming from October 3rd 2017 across all major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

The album, mixed and mastered by Nick Taylor, derived by Rupert’s recent theatre work, manages to be tough and jarring, with a machine-driven, hypnotic lure drawing you in from beat one. Through the cracks in the robotic, synthetic shell however, creep bursts of ambient beauty in electronic drones and orchestral wonder.

“Over the last 12 months I have had the privilege of composing the scores to Faith Healer, Limehouse (both Donmar Warehouse) and The Treatment (Almeida Theatre). This album is a reworking and reimagining of early sketches, thrown out ideas, and final pieces from these three plays.

I have always had an interest in the life of theatre scores, especially after the final performance, and having the opportunity to expand and develop pieces beyond a 30 or 40 second concept has been rewarding. Some of these tracks developed unrecognisably from their original form, and some felt like a simple continuation.

I am grateful to directors Polly Findlay and Lyndsey Turner for inviting me to write for these three incredible plays. In addition, this album is dedicated to Christopher Shutt.