’36 Seconds: Portrait of Hate Crime’ Premiere at DOC NYC

By 1st November 2023 Representation

'36 Seconds: Portrait of Hate Crime' Premiere at DOC NYC

’36 Seconds: Portrait of Hate Crime’ will premiere at DOC NYC on 11th November.

Omar Fadel composed the original score for the film directed and executed produced by Tarek Albaba.

“In 2015, three young Muslims were murdered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. ’36 Seconds’ documents the heartbreaking aftermath in that community, and reflects on what it means to be Muslim in the American South, where the country’s gun laws and Islamophobia intersect. Through the devastation and heartbreak of the film emerges a portrait of a resilient community in pursuit of the truth and, ultimately, justice.” – Bedatri Choudhury