Amine Ramer

Music Supervisor

As a music supervisor and consultant, Aminé Ramer has influenced the sound and mood of feature films, documentaries and award-winning television series for almost a decade. Ramer’s success stems from her careful selection of significant artists and her keen sensibility to create a visceral experience combining sight and sound.

A native of New Zealand, Ramer credits her career path to her upbringing in an environment which encouraged the development of individuality. From a young age she was music obsessed and spent most of her free time at the local record shop.

Realising the value of her musical palate, Ramer has carved out a successful career in music supervision for film and television. An integral member of the team for the HBO hit series Six Feet Under Ramer created the platform which enabled her to work with film and television heavyweights Lions Gate, HBO, Showtime, MTV, The Style Network, Comedy Central and NBC among others.

Continuing her commitment to the music industry, Ramer is a sought-after panelist and has spoken at the Billboard Dance Music Conference, M3, Winter Music Conference, London Calling, British Trade and Export, the New Zealand Music Commission among others.