Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz composed the original score for director Agnieszka Holland’s film ‘Spoor’ which received its world premiere in the main competition at the 67th Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival and won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize at the festival.

“The main character is Janina Duszejko, a retired engineer living in the Sudeten mountains. One snowy winter night, she stumbles upon the dead body of her neighbour. The man, a poacher, died a mysterious death.”

Holland says of the film, “[It] is a mix of genres: a psychological drama about humiliated people and animals; an environmental film; a pastiche and gripping crime story, and a feminist vivisection of the situation of an elderly woman fighting for her values in contemporary Polish society. The main protagonist is honest, passionate, generous, wise, but also mad. Rebellious and filled with indignation. She will take us on a journey through a land where breathtaking nature blends with mud, corruption, cruelty, stupidity, and blood.”

Spoor Air-Edel

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