What Nobody Can See (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Air-Edel Records released Nathan Klein’s chilling score for Ego Media’s psychological drama ‘What Nobody Can See’.

‘What Nobody Can See’, (translated from ‘Tas, ko vini neredz’), was directed by Latvian award-winning producer and director Stanislavs Tokalovs. After experimenting with the creation of artificial intelligence, nurse Elsa falls into a deep coma with her patient Nicola. The film follows the relationship between the two characters as they go through a long and hard period of recovery, complicated by “Anna”, an artificial intellect eager to keep Nicola just for herself.

It was an enormous pleasure to travel to Latvia and record with the Riga Sinfonietta. Their dedication and musicianship meant we could experiment with extended techniques and unusual textures to create a contemporary sound from a traditional ensemble. Nick Taylor brought out beautiful and chilling colours by mixing this with my programmed electronics and Air Edel’s fantastic Steinway in studio 1 to create an exciting original sound for the score.

– Nathan Klein

The album release coincided with the Latvian film release which took place on the 23rd March 217and is available to download and stream across all digital platforms, including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.