Tigre Gente (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

For their 50th release, Air-Edel Records is pleased to have released the latest soundtrack from longtime collaborator Patrick Jonsson. "Tigre Gente (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" is available across all digital platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

A collaboration that spans eight countries and 9 individual stories, Convergence reveals the power of compassion and community in the face of a crisis. Beginning at the onset of the pandemic, the documentary follows everyday citizens across the globe as they rise to the challenges of this upheaval in extraordinary ways – from a Syrian refugee fighting the UK government to include hospital cleaners and porters in bereavement pay to a doctor committed to serving Miami’s homeless community. But as this generation defining crisis begins to unmask deep-rooted flaws and inequities worldwide, their diverse journeys tell a more unified narrative about our common humanity and how, by

Spanning over mist-covered jungles in the Amazon to bustling wildlife markets in China, ‘Tigre Gente’ follows the storylines of two passionate people fighting to stop the jaguar trade before it’s too late.

It was such a privilege to write music for the incredible visuals and story which Liz the director captured. 

We wanted to tap into something primal, organic, and for the texture of the music to feel like it has eons of history to it. With the help of some local traditional instruments and the flute-like violin playing of Michael Levine, I feel like we hopefully managed to capture that idea and give a sense of expanse to the visuals via the music.

It’s a score I’m very proud of and I hope people get a chance to hear the score in the context of the film, as it’s such an immersive experience to hear it alongside the visuals and sound design. But I hope that it can also stand alone on its own and transport the listener back to the jungles of Madidi National Park. – Patrick Jonsson