The Escape (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Air-Edel Records have released Anthony John and Alexandra Harwood’s score for critically acclaimed drama ‘The Escape‘.

‘The Escape’ stars Gemma Arterton as Tara, a housewife in suburban London who’s raising two young children while married to an overworked, self-absorbed husband, played by Dominic Cooper. In desperate need of a change, Tara makes the bold decision to leave everything behind and buy a one-way ticket to Paris. Her newfound freedom and journey of self-discovery soon gives way to the realisation that walking out on your life isn’t so simple.

Anthony and Alexandra’s minimalist, intense score of piano, string quartet and solo female vocals interspersed with driving low oppressive synth captures the ever-present feeling of Tara’s loneliness and desperation.

The album is available to download and stream across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.