The Cost of Convenience (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

In their most recent collaboration with composer Michael Csányi-Wills, Air-Edel Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to the feature length documentary, ‘The Cost of Convenience’, from director David Donnelly.

“Cost of Convenience is a documentary about the digitisation of humanity. Social Media, Misinformation, and our ability to disconnect from our real lives, is having a massive effect on our mental health. I wanted to write a score that encompassed both the ancient human world, and a new terrifying digital reality that we’ve been forced to contend with. These are uncomfortable and turbulent times, and that was the rock on which the music was built.”– Michael Csányi-Wills

Described by Common Sense Media as a “Powerful, eye-opening documentary”, ‘The Cost of Convenience’ examines how internet platforms are impacting our mental health, restructuring our communities, threatening our democracy, and violating our human rights.