Christopher Barnett’s new EP, ‘Profundum’, featuring a dazzling array of performances from some of the UK’s top instrumentalists, will be released by Besant Hall Records on Friday, 17th May 2024.

Through an evocative blending of different musical genres, the EP explores grief and the forms it takes.

Reflecting on this underlying influence and the creative process, Christopher described the concepts behind ‘Profundum’:

“Grief can be perplexing, tiresome, enlightening, infuriating … PROFOUND.
Going about your normal duties when suddenly ‘waves’ press in … yet you WADE on.

Intermittent depression … drifting off into REFLECTION while someone is speaking. Irritability, ENNUI and your lovely wife tells you … ‘it’s grief!’

In composing this album I sought a way to document my experiences.
HUSH, close the eyes … listen.
Sometimes music can say things words cannot … sometimes it can’t.

I’m immensely grateful to the remarkable individuals who shared their talents, handling this project with utmost tenderness.”