Joy Womack: The White Swan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Marking their fourth collaboration with the award-winning composer Christopher Barnett, Air-Edel Records will release the soundtrack for Reason8 feature documentary ‘Joy Womack: The White Swan’, directed by Diana Burlis. ‘Joy Womack: The White Swan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ will be available on 8th December 2023 across all digital platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

The documentary tells the story of Joy Womack’s journey to become the first American to graduate from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and to sign a contract with the Bolshoi Ballet before becoming a top ballerina of the Kremlin Ballet.

‘It was an absolute delight collaborating with Chris on the soundtrack for ‘Joy Womack: The White Swan’. Chris’s approach to crafting music is nothing short of profound; he immerses himself in the essence of the characters. He delved into Joy’s world, gaining a deep understanding of her perspectives, life journey, and the pivotal moments within the film. Consequently, when it came time to compose the music, he possessed an innate grasp of Joy’s emotions in each scene, allowing the music to beautifully enhance the mood. At times, his musical selections surprised me, yet in the end, they proved to be impeccable choices, seamlessly melding with the narrative and evoking the perfect emotional resonance.– Diana Burlis

Diana possesses a distinct artistic vision and bold filmmaking style, her intuitive feedback being something I appreciate. Equally, Joy Womack, a formidable woman and artist, displays remarkable willingness in the documentary to expose her vulnerability and the challenges she confronted as an American prima-ballerina studying and dancing with the Bolshoi in Russia. Both Dina and I aimed to craft a score that would encapsulate these facets of her character and journey, effectively conveying her motivational, inspirational story. I’m deeply appreciative of Dina for placing her trust in me as her first collaborator in the realm of composition. – Christopher Barnett