Hunter’s Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Air-Edel Records released the soundtrack by composer Alexander Taylor for the Michael Caissie directed horror film 'Hunter’s Moon'. The release is available across all major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

When their parents leave town, three teenage girls decide to throw a party in their new country home. But when a gang of dangerous local boys with sinister intentions turn up, the women are forced to not only defend themselves from the evil inside of the house, but an unseen bloodthirsty predator that is hunting them one by one outside of the house. The film is available on DVD, Digital and On Demand.

“Michael Caissie knows how to tell a fun, campy story full of characters that seem to have a screw or two loose, and I hope the music reflects that. We went as organic as possible with this score; as though the music was coming from the trees. Our Executive Music Producer Greg Richling and I were brainstorming how to make this soundtrack as unique as the film, so we used a wide variety of odd instruments and recording techniques: Hammered on a broken piano. Bowed a gopichand and some singing bowls. Plucked around on kalimba’s and m’biras. Wildly rattled an ankglung. Slid around with glass bottles on a resonator. Violently blew on harmonicas… Needless to say, I had a blast working on this score, and I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Alexander Taylor