Ethereal vocalist Lisa Gerrard and renowned solo percussionist David Kuckhermann have joined forces to produce ‘Hiraeth’, a collection of otherworldly, ambient soundscapes. ‘Hiraeth’ received a 2018 Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Age Album’.

‘Hiraeth’, the welsh word meaning “longing for the place where your spirit lives”, is an accomplished presentation of eclectic rhythms from around the world. Ambient textures of electronics and strings are teamed with an airy, ghostly wash of vocals from Lisa Gerrard resulting in a powerful and unique sound.

It has been a dream in my heart for such a long time to embrace and enfold a tribe of like minded kindred spirits. A place to unlock and deliver the three dimensional desire to create a bridge of uncensored connectivity. Creating sounds in a state of surrender that defy the persons of judgment and academia and allow us to embrace each other devoid of division and confusion. You are so very welcome to share in this labour of love for it is all for you.

– Lisa Gerrard

The album is available to download and stream across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.